Private classes

Classes tailored for your individual needs


Private Pilates Sessions

The most successful way to achieve your individual goals is to begin with Private sessions. These allow us to assess your movement patterns and asymmetries in detail and therefore devise a movement program to best fit your individual body and individual goals.

With our expert guidance, sessions are carefully structured around your experience and ability.

Individual sessions include posture analysis and personal instruction on Pilates matwork and using the Pilates equipment.

These sessions focus on your specific needs much more than in group classes and are suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

You might prefer to have individual sessions instead of joining a class, for example if:
* you are in the process of injury rehabilitation
* you suffer from a condition that will not allow you to join a class
* or you prefer to work at your own pace or on a personal programme

1 to 1 Private Pilates class

Sessions are available six days a week including Saturdays. Just contact us for advice or to arrange an individual session.