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Pilates Equipment Studio Wiltshire

Pilates tutors at studio in WiltshireThe Pilates Equipment Studio at New Body Barn, Wiltshire

Private Pilates Equipment Sessions

Individual sessions include posture analysis and personal instruction on Pilates matwork and using the Pilates equipment. 

These sessions focus on your specific needs much more than in group classes and are suitable for beginners to advanced levels.

You will you notice results more quickly especially with the help of the specialised Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac Trapeze Table, Chair and Ladder Barrel. The apparatus supports, and challenges the body’s own resistance with a dynamic and adaptable range of exercises.

You might prefer to have individual sessions instead of joining a class, for example if:

* you are in the process of injury rehabilitation
* you suffer from a condition that will not allow you to join a class
* or you prefer to work at your own pace or on a personal programme

You may wish to attend a matwork class as well as having private sessions. We can also teach small groups of up to 4 people on the equipment. 

We are open six days a week including Saturdays.

Just call or email for advice or to arrange an individual session.   

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Pilates reformer equipment studio

Group Pilates Reformer Classes

group reformer classThese are groups of 4 people booked as a course of about 6 weeks offering a substantial saving over indvidual sessions.

You will work harder with greater feedback and make even more progress than group matwork classes due to the support and resistance of the Reformer springs.

With only 4 in a class you will benefit from more hands on tuition of the highest standards. Suitable for all abilities although previous experience of Pilates matwork or individual sessions is required.  View class times