Sadly we have now lost Lottie who passed away peacefully with old age (May 2020).

LottieLottie came into our lives in May 2013 when a client told Christine about some dogs in Romania which were on death row and in urgent need of re-homing.  We don’t know anything about Lottie’s history other than she sought out human attention by walking into a beauty parlour, sat down and waited. She was taken to the nearby pound where, unfortunately, dogs are not looked after very well.

Some great support groups in Hungary helped to temporarily foster Lottie during which time she was spayed and had her jabs. Soon her passport was ready and Action Aid For Animals arranged for her transport to the UK in July 2013. 

Our vet thinks Lottie is about 7-8 years old (in 2013).  She loves people and is so gentle and well behaved that she goes everywhere with Christine and settles down straight away. 

Lottie is very happy spending time at the New Body Barn, greeting clients gently with a waggy tail especially if talked to, never jumping up but loving any attention.  

She has now learnt that being so cute can get her a lot of treats from clients too! Please ask her to earn any small treat by sitting, paw, other paw, and down. (She may do 'beg' without you asking too!)  Careful though as we don't want her to get overweight!

She also adores walkies in the woods, chasing cats, squirrels and birds and anything else and chewing on sticks and bones.

Lottie may give you a friendly welcome – or she might just decide that she’d rather stay in her cosy bed!  Whichever, she is a friendly face to welcome you at the New Body Barn and an absolute gem of a dog.