24 class-levels Pilates Class Levels

Pilates Class Levels

About Pilates classes in wiltshireGENTLE/BEGINNER CLASSES 

For those who are new to Pilates or who want a gentle class focusing on the basic principles, improving posture, flexibility and strength around the joints. You will improve your core strength, reduce muscle stiffness and increase your flexibility.  Suitable for clients with restricting medical issues who need to keep exercises at a gentle level.


Beginners can join this class so you will learn and reinforce the basic principles and work on correct muscle patterning, increasing core strength and correct breathing but gradually introducing some more challenging progressions for those who need to move on.  This level shoud not be rushed! Some clients prefer to stay at this level if it's best for them.


For those who have a very good grasp of the basics (so not for beginners) and want to be challenged with tougher exercises. Clients must have been attending classes regularly for at least 6 months.  At this point the focus is on increasing core strength, stamina and more complex patterns of movement for those who are ready and able.  Many clients will remain at this level and feel huge benefits from regular classes.


For those clients who have been attending regularly for a minimum of 1 year and are ready for even more challenging exercises for the core and co-ordination. A faster pace with more classical exercises working towards increasing stamina as well as flexibility and strength. The aim is for movement to become more flowing and dynamic so the body becomes evenly strengthened and toned. Clients must have the ability to know their own bodies and how far to push themselves.  Essential to have a complete grasp of previous levels and know the correct use of breathing.


With a fast tempo and flowing transitions, working towards the 36 ‘classic’ original exercises that were designed by Joseph Pilates for execution on the mat. Modifications will be given where necessary. This is a tough workout leaving you feeling strong and energized.


The classes focus on back strengthening and mobility, use of breath and the pelvic floor. The exercises are taught with the appropriate modifications related to the individual needs and different stages of pregnancy.  Specifically designed to retrain your muscles to respond to the changes your body is undergoing throughout your pregnancy.  By helping them activate properly and in the correct sequence, you will be able to cope more easily with the rigours of labour and childbirth, and the demands of the months to follow.  


Classes designed to help you regain your fitness after giving birth and enable you to exercise with your baby. Get your body stronger, improve your pelvic floor and posture and increase your energy levels. Workout with your baby & meet other new mums! Suitable from 6 weeks for normal delivery and 8 weeks for caesarean delivery. Babies are welcome from 6 weeks until crawling. Classes consist of no more than 8 so that you receive a high level of supervision.


Specifically for people with osteoporosis, MS, Parkinson's, Fibromyalgia or those who want to focus on balance, flexibility & gentle strengthening around the joints. For more information click here.

NEW - High Intensity Power Pilates (HiPP)

A dynamic form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout.
Flowing, structured sequences using just a mat and hand weights Combining core strength, balance and coordination with an energetic cardiovascular element HIP Pilates is the answer to many people’s search for a functional ‘feel good’ workout.