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Caroline Hope-Hawkins

Caroline Hope HawkinsBody Control Pilates® Certified Teacher

I first discovered Pilates on the recommendation of a chiropractor. A keen rider, ballet dancer and rower when younger, I had often suffered from lower back pain. Two pregnancies only exacerbated these back problems, and it was not until I started Pilates that the back pain and related headaches stopped.

Having experienced first hand the benefits of Pilates, and keen to pass these on to others, I decided to train with Body Control Pilates® in 2010, the UK leaders in teacher training. Their course puts equal emphasis on the teaching of Pilates theory and anatomy and the development of practical skills and client assessment. Since qualifying I regularly attend a variety of workshops to continue my professional development.

Through my teaching I try to encourage my clients to achieve greater postural awareness in a fun, motivational and energetic class, encouraging and enabling them to improve their core strength, stamina and achieve their personal fitness goals. I find it extremely rewarding to watch the progress of my clients over a relatively short period of time as their posture improves, their range of movement increases and their sense of well-being is boosted.

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