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Qualified level 4 specialist instructor (Low Back Pain), level 3 Pilates mat instructor, landscape architect and professional horticulturalist.

I love hillwalking, bodyboarding and motor racing. I am passionate about cooking gorgeous healthy food and, because it's important not to be good all of the time, baking fabulous cakes.

The physicality of working outdoors combined with an active lifestyle was starting to take its toll. I usually had stiff joints and regular back problems. I started doing Pilates as rehabilitation following a bodyboarding injury.

At first I just enjoyed the 'me' time, an hour exercising in a relaxing environment learning a new thing. After about 2 months doing one hour a week my body started to change. Aches and pains became less, I felt so much stronger and could work harder for longer.

I also stopped being quite so clumsy and I began to develop tone in places I did not know muscles existed. The net result was that I started to look leaner, move better and began to feel really well.

Andy has wriiten an article on how Pilates can help runners. Read Andy's article about Running Gait anaysis here.


Andy Watson in classPassionate about teaching

I love working with people and using pilates to help them move better, feel stronger and have less aches and pains. I believe exercise using the principles of pilates are as good for the prevention of injury as they are amazing for rehabilitation.

I am a keen runner and have used pilates to prepare for half marathons and 10k races I believe it's helped keep me injury free, improve my times while keeping me moving well with strong and supple joints.

I have a very straightforward style, I understand and clearly describe how best to move and create interesting classes with lots of content.

I am a Body Control Pilates teacher. This is a worldwide organisation with the highest standards of training, great support systems and a shared passion that puts our clients first. Classes are limited to a maximum of 12 and programmes and sessions are designed specifically around the needs of clients.

Andy on the reformer

Body control training:

  • Level 3 Matwork, beginner and intermediate
  • Level 4 specialist instructor for clients with low back pain issues.
  • Bone health and Osteoporosis
  • Reformer beginner to intermediate

Other training:

  • HIP pilates

I run, hike and bodyboard. I care for a couple of amazing gardens, love live music and do my best to keep up to date with sport and current affairs

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