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Group Pilates Reformer Classes

group reformer class

With a limit of 4 in a class and using the amazing Pilates Reformers in Studio 2 you will reap the benefits from these 60 min classes. Suitable for all abilities although previous experience of Pilates matwork or individual sessions is required. 

Class Descriptions

Suitable for beginners wishing to learn the foundations of the equipment and of their own body. The class moves at a slower pace with a strong focus on body alignment, corrective instruction and breath work. The time will fly by as you discover muscles you didn't know you had!

Designed to build upon the basics you have already learned both in the exercises and the understanding of your own body whilst providing you with a full-body workout. You will leave the studio with more energy than when you arrived with and some warmth to the muscles of your body!

This intermediate/advanced Reformer class is for those students who have developed their practice to a point of integral understanding. Be ready to flow, coordinate, and connect on a deeper level with your body then you have before! This class will leave you feeling longer, stronger and energised.

All classes are limited to groups of 4 people booked as a course of about 6 weeks payable on booking offering a substantial saving over indvidual sessions. Prices work out at £19.50 per class.  

If you can't commit to a course or would like to attend occasional extra classes you may be able to book single sessions if space allows. £23.50 - no refunds or swaps are possible.

Please Note: Being a “class” style environment we request that you live in a healthy, injury-free body.  Contact us if you have any concerns.  More information on private sessions.

Class Times