Classes tailored for your individual needs

Private Packages *


3 Solo 1 hour sessions over 3 weeks
We start these sessions by assessing your movement patterns and getting you started on the fundamentals of Pilates based on your needs and goals. A great way to start before joining a group class but also useful as a re-cap if you are feeling rusty.

6 Solo 1 hour weekly sessions: 
6 Duet 1 hour weekly sessions: 
6 Trio 1 hour weekly sessions: 
We will focus on your unique challenges and goals with commitment to weekly sessions in order to develop suppleness,core strength and rebalance your whole body.

4 Solo 30 min monthly technique/posture check sessions 
These shorter monthly sessions are a great way to keep a check on bad habits especially useful in conjunction with attending group classes or if you prefer to take things steady.

Twice weekly Solo 1 hour Reformer sessions over 6 weeks (12 sessions)
Intensive sessions to get you strong, toned and boost your energy fast. We will work on your needs and goals to get results so you feel great. Experience of Pilates is required, or start with our Intro Package or Core Package first.

* Payment is in advance on bookings for all packages. Sessions paid for must be booked in advance.

Single Booking Private Sessions

Solo 30 min Pilates Session
Solo 60 min Pilates Session
Duo 60 min Pilates Session
Trio 60 min Pilates Session
Quartet 60 min Pilates Session

Sessions can be arranged at times to suit you 7 days a week.  Please contact us to book or for any questions or advice.

Please note 48 hours notice is requested for cancellations.
If less than 24 hours notice is given, the full session fee will be payable.