What our clients say

"Even on Zoom for my regular private sessions, Christine can still see so much and makes sure I am doing the exercises correctly. She has a lovely approachable manner and her instruction is clear and straightforward. It's really great how she makes small adaptations throughout the sessions according to my needs." Pippa

"Christine's Pilates classes on Zoom are excellent - they have been a lifesaver over this difficult time and have really helped prevent me from seizing up!" Anna

"My physiotherapist suggested that I see Pilates instructor Christine after several visits to free my seized lower back muscles. He said I needed re-education in posture and recommended Core Control Pilates. He was right! Thanks to both him and Christine for sorting me out - no more back ache in the lumbar region. Christine's tuition is very clear with great attention to detail and I now know what exercises will help keep my back more mobile." D. West.

"I am so lucky and thrilled to have Christine as my Pilates instructor - patient, kind, good sense of humour but above all, you are such a highly trained and knowledgable person who is able to pass that on. So Thank you!" B Lyon (Artist)

"I can't believe the difference your classes have made to my core stability and strength. I now have the confidence to return to riding lessons after a 35 year break! If you fancy yourself as an action person - competitive sports, speed on snow,water and across fields, Pilates initially comes as a bit of a shock. At my first beginner class it appeared everyone wasn't doing much it all looked very easy until my right foot position was corrected by 10 degrees releasing a lifetime of poor posture and unhelfpul, incorrect exercise positions. I was quickly jolted out of my complacency and realized there was a good deal more to Pilates than meets the eye - and one has to work at it so I have to practise my Pilates every day! A.C.

"Pilates Reformer is unlike any other exercise I have ever done. Since I started attening your Reformer classes I have acheived greater core strength and flexibility than I thought possible. The exercises, whilst subtle, are challenging and I always leave a class feeling I have benefitted from the excellent tuition. It is now ingrained in me to drop my chest, release my shoulders and above all, remember to breathe! I've really enjoyed my Reformer sessions and shall miss attending. Thank you Christine for being such an excellent Pilates teacher." Sam

"Christine, Thanks for being such a wonderful Pilates teacher and for trying to get this body of mine in some sort of order! I was persudaed to change from my last teacher to you and she was very wise." Barbara

"Whilst excited about moving to a new area, one of the things I'll miss most is the New Body Barn and my Pilates classes. Over the past 4 years I have discovered the importance of core strength and flexibility along with improved body tone with all the gain but none of the pain. The instructors and facilities are exceptional and it's going to be hard to replicate. I'd thoroughly recommend anyone at any age should enjoy the benefits of Pilates." Tracey R

"I really enjoyed our class today. Thank you for remembering about my back - I don't know how you remember everyone's individual issues! You are amazing. Having the large cushion under my tummy really helped." Marilyn

"I'm so glad I rejoined your classes - I didn't realize how much I'd missed it. The movements we are doing are exercising my injured shoulder well too and I've almost got full range of movement back which is great." J Cooke

"My only regret is not having discovered Pilates earlier. Having just finished a 125 mile canoe race, I can say without doubt that I have benefitted significantly from Pilates with Christine. Using the equipment studio has developed my core strength, balance and flexibility noticeably from the start. This has had a really positive impact on my paddling. Needless to say it has also made many other aspects of life easier from working in the garden to driving long distance. I expect to be doing Pilates for a long time." Paul, marathon paddler and coach Devizes Canoe Club

"Just a little note to say I am really enjoying my Pilates - thank you! You are such a lovely teacher so I am feeling very lucky that I managed to get into your class." Gillian

"Pilates is enormous fun, deeply satisfying and produces astonishing results for many people, me included. I have been incredibly lucky to find someone as well qualified and helpful as Christine. Thanks to her one-to-one teaching, my core strength has improved dramatically and, now in my early 50s, I am more supple and stronger than I have been for decades." V.L.

"My neck had ached for years and I just blamed my job. Christine's meticulous and thorough observations led her to change my driving seat position and rear view mirror position which made me sit properly in my car. She taught me other exercises too and within a very short time the years of neck-ache had disappeared. She is experienced, attentive, thoroughly knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would strongly recommend her." P.F.

"I have been doing the exercises Christine has given me to strengthen my knees following gun shot wounds some years ago. My wife and I have been full of praise for Pilates all that Christine has done for both of us She has a lovely gentle manner and is very well informed." P. Pitman

"I have found Christine's Pilates classes invaluable in controlling stiffness relieving pain in my back hips.  For the first time in a long while today I had no pain on walking and felt so much more comfortable.  I will continue to do the exercises you gave me at home as they have really helped." 

"After a few weeks, a headache which had lasted intermittently for 25 years has largely gone I feel so much more mobile." D.B.

"I have found Christine's Pilates very helpful in keeping me supple, there has been a marked difference in the general feeling of strength in my body. The classes are well thought out, and she is particularly aware of anybody who has any aches & pains, thus making the sessions safe & effective for all levels." M.B.

"Thank you for making it so enjoyable, being so compassionate towards me with my problem neck and knee." A.B.