Data Protection and Privacy Statement

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The following applies to registered users only:

For the purpose of the Act the 'Data Controller' at Core Control Pilates Ltd. is Christine Douglas and she can be contacted at

What information is stored?
Email address, encrypted passwords, telephone numbers and medical records pertinent to the client's safety in class. Passwords are encypted using a maximum-security one-way encryption routine. We keep records of classes you have attended.
Financial accounts. Core Control Pliates Ltd retains archived accounts recorded up to December 31st 2017 but we now use the ClassSwap financial account management system so current information is stored with ClassSwap. Please see the ClassSwap website for more information relating to thier Data Protection Policy. Note that we are obliged under law to retain certain records for 7 years.

How will the data be used?
Client's email addresses, and encrypted passwords are held solely to enable clients to log in, use our services and receive emailed confirmations of actions they take when using the our website or ClassSwap. Instructors also have access to email addresses and (optionally) telephone numbers to enable them to contact clients in the event of class cancellations etc.
Core Control Pilates Ltd is required to keep up-to-date medical records. These records are visible only to you and those instructors who need to see them in order to ensure your personal safety in class.
Financial records are used to reconcile the invoices sent to you and the remittances made by you. No other financial records are stored.
We may send additional information about services we provide. If you do not wish to receive such please inform

Core Control Pilates shares with ClassSwap only the information that is required for you to conduct your business with us and will never pass on any personal information to third parties.

Consent can be provided after logging in.